Group Coaching


JOIN US. . .Every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday to build your resilience and inner calm

Whether you’re a Mom, Wife, Business Owner,  Caretaker, or Student trying to keep it all together. 

JOIN US to uncover self-harmony techniques and real-life solutions to become better for yourself 1st! 

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Do this for yourself. . .Today!

Group Session Gain self-therapeutic exercises to easily release stressors, change how you treat yourself! Get access to over 75 recorded session to aid build your vision to see yourself wee and wiser. Become emotionally free from daily challenges at work/school/home life and acheive more in less time! Possibile reduce Covid-19 exposure.

• 8 session a month Basic Investment or Advanced Investment ( Full Intake Assessment is required to join, call for details)

Trainings Available Tailored Based on Population

  • My Healing Breath: Breath-work with a mind map
  • Energize My Mind: Advanced Breath-Work, Self-Therapeutic Techniques
  • Energize My Body: Advanced Breath-work and other Essential Skills
  • Energize My Work-Life: Resolve Mental Overload and Balance Emotions
  • All Mini-Courses are customized and certificate of completion.

    Populations Served

  • Employees serving the public
  • Women Groups * Youth Groups
  • Faith-Based and Community-Based Organizations
  • Online Group Coaching (Men & Women)