Client Reviews


Ms. Dukes mini-course was a perfect blend of information and practice and was a welcoming relief to us. The course raised our awareness, to be proactive about effectively reducing triggers in and out of the classroom. My teachers are still raving! I hope more schools will provide on-going training to educators and students. Please feel free to reach out to me.

~ Daniel Bartnik, Principal of Gunning Bedford Middle School, New Castle, DE

The "Re-energize Myself" weekly sessions, helped me to prioritize, refresh myself constantly, work through many personal challenges with family and work-life balance. I look forward to each session.

~ Aiesha Blunston, Insurance Agent & Single Mom at 15 years old

Eliza's demonstrations were the highlight on the Peri-Cruise, because it was a first time for many participants, her soothing voice and knowledge kept us watching and participating, she sang and what more can I say, "Eliza's got talent and big energy, hire her!"

~ Paul Godwin, CEO of Black World Travel and Peri-Cruise Events of Maryland

"Eliza introduced me to powerful tools that help me meet the challenges of running a business on two continents. I discovered resiliency means to not give up but realize you have the inner strength and resolve to face and overcome those challenging situations.

~Dr. Patricia Diaw, Education Consultant

It's a pleasure to recommend Eliza Dukes, she's been an extraordinary asset in helping our clients and staff to reduce work-related stress/anxiety and put into practice, her simple to do steps. Her professional and humorous demeanor has aided in raising our awareness and engaged us to do the self-work. We look forward to her monthly session since 2016

~ James Johnson Vice President of Employer Engagement, The Career Team, Wilmington DE

Our Youth
 In 2016 Eliza was Court-Approved in Philadelphia, PA to work with the Human Trafficked Youth:  

Working with many young human sex trafficking victims in Philadelphia Family Court and Philadelphia Department of Human Service, I began to understand their issues of recovery is a lifelong journey.  I highly recommend, Eliza Dukes & The Breathing Experience to learn how to center oneself, calming anxieties of past memories, and to move forward when the future looks dark. I am confident Eliza Dukes & The Breathing Experience will provide outstanding services and greatly support the youth and families!

D. Thomas, Philadelphia PA